10th November 2020

OUem welcomes Huw van Steenis to the Oxford University Investment Committee

Huw van Steenis brings an exceptional background in climate-conscious investment and sustainability

The University announced today that Huw van Steenis will be joining its Investment Committee following a request from Congregation, the University’s sovereign body, to appoint an Investment Committee member with climate-conscious expertise.

In a competitive process led by a panel including student and climate scientist representatives, Huw was chosen due to his exceptional background and insight into incorporating sustainability issues into strategic investment decisions.

Huw is Senior Adviser to the Chief Executive of UBS and Chair of the firm’s Sustainable Finance Steering Committee. Prior to this, Huw was Senior Advisor to Mark Carney, when he was governor at the Bank of England, leading a wide reaching review on the future of finance that included a focus on smoothing the transition to a lower-carbon economy and catalysed climate change stress tests for financial institutions.

We would like to welcome Huw and we very much look forward to benefitting from his knowledge, to the advantage of all investors in the Oxford Endowment Fund.