11th August 2022

Team News

After over a decade with the business, Jack Edmondson, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, has decided to leave OUem to embark on a new venture focused on investing in private markets for wealthy individuals. Jack joined us in 2009, at our very first office, and has seen us become the broad based organisation that we are today. We are very grateful for his contribution to the company, particularly in managing the investment team, and we would like to wish Jack all the best for the future.

We are delighted to announce that Neamul Mohsin has been promoted to Deputy Chief Investment Officer, reporting into our CIO, Sandra Robertson. Since joining OUem in 2012, Neamul has been lead on much of our sourcing of the portfolio, and responsible for several of our key relationships across public, private and credit investments. He is well respected by the investment industry internationally – across our portfolio, peers and more broadly. In his new role, Neamul will run the investment team, take over responsibility for all asset groups across the portfolio, implementing strategy, investment objectives and risk management. Chloe Taysom, who has also been at OUem for over a decade, has been promoted to Head of Portfolio Management, reporting directly to Sandra.

Elsewhere in the organisation, after nine years with the business, we are very pleased to announce that Rachel Scott has been promoted to Deputy Chief Operating Officer. This reflects Rachel’s significant contribution across the operations of the business, particularly over the last 18 months. She will continue to report to our COO, Fay Ashwell.

Sandra Robertson, Chief Investment Officer and Chief Executive Officer of OUem, has commented: “A natural part of having an exceptionally talented team is that some members will depart to do great things elsewhere. We wish Jack great success in his new venture, and we look forward to remaining in touch with him during this exciting time for his career.

“We are proud of the training we provide and the way our employees grow and develop whilst they are at OUem. Our new Deputy CIO, Neamul Mohsin, has been with us for over a decade and brings deep expertise of our portfolio across public, private and credit investments. I am looking forward to seeing Neamul, Rachel and Chloe thrive in their new roles.”

Sir Paul Ruddock, Chair of OUem, has commented: “Over her 15 years as founding CEO & CIO of OUem, Sandra has built a brilliant team of investors and finance professionals and managed a world class investment portfolio. As a CIO, she brings rare experience of multi-asset endowment investing across market cycles, at two institutions in the UK. As a CEO, she has built a very strong team, respected by peers, investors and other members of the investment industry. Like other endowments globally, OUem is proud to be an engine room of talent for other institutions. I look forward to Sandra and Neamul continuing to build on the great work in place.”

Regarding his departure, Jack Edmondson has said: “It has been an incredible privilege to help grow OUem and the endowment over this time. I am particularly grateful to Sandra Robertson for her support over this period of my career.”