James Martin Foundation

Founded in 2004 through the vision and generosity of Dr James Martin (1933-2013), the James Martin 21st Century Foundation provides long-term financial support to the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford. The majority of the Foundation’s assets are invested in the Oxford Endowment Fund, and the predictable nature of the annual distribution is vital in helping meet its funding commitments to the School.

No other university, anywhere in the world, hosts an interdisciplinary research organisation like the Oxford Martin School. Its community of over 200 researchers, drawn from multiple fields and of the highest academic calibre, work collaboratively with policy makers, practitioners and business leaders to address the most pressing global challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

In recent times, the School has helped develop alternatives for tackling climate change beyond the Kyoto Protocol, provided advice to the World Health Organization on understanding and combating dangerous global pandemics, and contributed to new rules and insight for improving global financial stability. In the UK, academics from the School regularly provide expert testimony to parliamentary hearings and advise government on strategic science and technology policy issues.