ESG memberships

Where appropriate, we join organisations and networks that increase our understanding of market-wide sustainability initiatives and innovation.

These memberships keep us abreast of policy changes across the investment industry, particularly with regards to ESG, sustainability and stewardship. Formal network memberships that we have chosen to be a part of include:

RI labs

A standard setter focused on venture capital, promoting responsible company building in high growth tech companies.


A group developing a framework for organisations to more effectively disclose nature-related risks and opportunities.


A framework to help public companies and other organisations more effectively disclose climate-related risks and opportunities through their existing reporting processes.


An organisation which encourages global co-ordination of consistent, comparable, clear and reliable climate metrics for investors.


A group that keeps us up to date with climate change policy for investors, and provides useful insights in practical areas such as emissions data providers.

Say on Climate 

An initiative designed to improve companies’ climate-related disclosure. Companies are expected to disclose their GHG emissions annually, alongside a plan to reduce these emissions, for approval by shareholders.

The Investor Forum

An organisation established to facilitate collective engagement between institutional investors and UK listed companies, to encourage good stewardship of public companies.


GAIN (Girls Are INvestors) is a charity set up by investment professionals to improve gender diversity in investment management by building a talent pipeline of entry-level female and non-binary candidates.